Are you in the know?

Are you in the know?
Lifestyle - 29 January 2020

I have three friends who are all pregnant at the moment – is it something in the water?! When I found out, one of the first questions I asked them all was ‘Do you know what you are having?' It’s such a natural conversation starter and it’s always fun to take a guess if the gender is still unknown.

Lately though, I have noticed that an increasing number of people tend to find out whether they are having a girl or a boy. I suppose it’s becoming easier (and therefore awfully tempting!) to access this information, especially now that you can do an easy blood test from just 10 weeks that reveal your baby’s gender.

There are lots of reasons for finding out:

> For organised souls like myself, you can really start detailed preparations and buy things in colours other than grey, green and yellow.

> Some mamas feel more connected with the baby when they know what they are having and provides them with a focus for the ‘baby name hunt!’

> An excuse to have an Instagram-worth gender reveal party as well as the normal baby shower. Two parties = two presents!

Whilst I can see all the reasons for finding out the sex of the baby, I personally just didn’t want to know!

There are very few moments in life as exciting and beautiful as the announcement on delivery and I loved that special surprise at birth so much, I simply can’t imagine finding out what we were having in advance.

For a whole nine months I was the centre of all speculation from friends and family….”She’s got a really neat bump, it must be a boy”, or “You are carrying quite low, I think it’s a girl”. It was like a shared game that connected us all in our anticipation and delight.

I was speaking to a friend recently (who also prefers to keep it a surprise) and she compared it to X-raying a Christmas present before it was opened. I just loved the analogy. I have never been much a present-peeker!

My Mum on the contrary was just dying to find out. She couldn’t believe I didn’t want to know and even tried to squeeze it out of the sonographer when she accompanied me for a scan whilst I had popped into the changing room to get out of my gown. Luckily, she was not open to bribery by a grandparent!

It’s funny how people tend to fall into two camps; the one’s who really want to know and those who are desperately squeezing their eyes shut through the scan to ensure they don’t risk seeing something that might give it away!

Which type are you? Did you find out the baby’s gender or did you keep it a secret?

Amisha x

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