Founder Favourites: 11 of the Best First Trimester Essentials

Founder Favourites: 11 of the Best First Trimester Essentials
Product Reviews - 12 March 2020

In the last twelve weeks, four of my friends have announced their pregnancy. I’m not sure whether there was a power outage or simply a lull in our social life but I couldn’t be more excited about the new generation of BFFs that will soon arrive.

All of my lovely girlfriends have been asking for my favourite products to start their pregnancy off on the best note. As I began to WhatsApp them long lists of products that I simply couldn’t live without in the early weeks, I thought to myself that there must be other mamas that might want to know the same.

I’m really against ‘must-have’ lists because the ethos of NeeNoo was built on the basis that everyone’s perfect product is slightly different as lifestyles and budgets differ between families. The idea that parents feel that they have failed somehow but not having the latest gadget is not something we support. However it’s always helpful to have a list that you can edit to give you some ideas. Let us me know in the comments below if you really loved using anything else – I am sure my four girlfriends would be so grateful for your help. In the meantime here are 11 products that I loved using in my first trimester:

1) Multi vitamin: If you aren’t already taking a supplement this is one of the first things you should be purchasing. Folic acid is critical to the development of the baby in the first trimester along with vitamin D. One of the most popular is Pregnacare and it can often be found on a promotion.

2) Almond oil: Great to help prevent stretch marks and keep skin glowing and moisturised. My favourite was L’Occitane Almond Supple Skin Oil as it had a lovely light and luxurious fragrance. However there are so many brands available. 

3) Seraphine Dress: This pretty dress is great for maternity and beyond. The button down makes it easy for feeding once baby arrives and it’s a great shape to take you from office to out. 

4) Ginger tea: There are lots of caffeine feel infused teas available on the Supermarkets but Pukka’s Lemongrass and Ginger is my favourite and is something I still drink years after my pregnancy. The ginger is great for keeping the nausea at bay and the lemongrass reminds me of the teas that are served in small ceramic glasses after a luxury massage. Try it, you deserve it!

5) Tights: I was quite late in my pregnancy when I discovered these beauties and I couldn’t believe how much more comfortable they were than the regular tights that I had been squishing myself into. If you are pregnant during the cooler months of the year, do not make the same mistake!

6) Facial cleanser: The change in hormones can stimulate a breakout just like those dreaded teenage years so taking extra care of your face is extra important. I felt that investing in a nice, natural face wash was helpful and definitely made me feel better. Who says life isn't always a bed of roses?

7) Water bottle: Being pregnant makes you incredible thirsty! Keep a water bottle in close proximity at all times. It helps when they look so cute too!

8) Comfy bra: One of the first signs of pregnancy are swollen, sensitive boobs. A soft, stretchy bra without underwire can be so soothing to wear. The 100% cotton bra by John Lewis are both super comfortable and have a great stretch. These will get you through pregnancy and are suitable for breastfeeding too with a simple clip fastening for easy feeding. 

10) 9 Months Book: If you have another child, the 9 Months book helps to explain how the baby develops, grows in your womb and details how mama could be feeling too. Full of fun and relevant facts and beautifully illustrated, this book is a gorgeous addition to your pregnancy reading. 

10) Leggings for lounging: I feel that the first trimester is a bit too early to invest in maternity clothing, but comfy leggings are essential. And why have one good thing, when you can have two? These Mamalicious maternity leggings are a team favourite and would be a good investment. Pair with a loose fitting tunic/dress and a cosy cardigan and I found it allowed me to wear much more of my standard non-pregnancy wardrobe for a lot longer. 

11) Dental floss: I honestly am so bad with flossing, but during pregnancy it is important to take good care of your teeth and to floss regularly. Your body may not fight off plaque as easily as it normally does and this Cocofloss tastes as good as it looks!

Lots of love,

Amisha x

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