Meet the Founder of NeeNoo

Meet the Founder of NeeNoo
Lifestyle - 22 October 2019

In spite of my ability to happily talk to any living creature, I always find it hard to introduce myself. In a matter of moments you are expected to define yourself, your character and all your accomplishments along the way.

I guess the most practical way of starting would be to state the facts:

My name is Amisha and I am the Founder of NeeNoo. I have a gorgeous son (of course I am hugely biased, but as his mother, I am allowed this privilege!) and a lovely husband. We reside just outside the city of London in a slightly chaotic, noisy but very fun home. I have worked in the Baby and Child market for many years and have been involved with an array of products from kids smoothies to luxury toy cars. However, the role I enjoyed the most was my most recent when I was the Babycare Buyer for Ocado. 

During the three years that I held this position, I learnt everything that was to know about all things baby….And like all book learning, it went right out of the window when I fell pregnant in 2016! My brain, quite literally split into two halves. 

During the day, I was the smart professional who over time had entrenched herself into the market and had learnt everything there was to know about the products on offer. But when I came home at night, I left all logic at the front door and morphed into a ridiculously excited and hugely irrational first time Mum.

Each evening, I would settle into my comfy sofa and begin the wonderful job of trawling the internet for the ‘best’ items for my unborn baby. I was the worst type of expectant Mum and the formula was dangerous:

Knowledge of all possible products x unadulterated excitement = potential for lots of inappropriate and unnecessary purchases! 

But weeks passed and over time the feelings changed from giddy excitement to utter exasperation. I was being sent all over the internet to look at products, then find the specifications and finally to read reviews to ensure the item wouldn’t swallow my baby! Why on earth was this so complicated? 

Well that's the end of the facts. I guess to understand how NeeNoo then came about, you need to know a little more about me. Where shall I start? 

I am an organised soul and whether it is our stationery or my husband’s shirts, I like a little bit of order. I love Asian food and would be happy to survive on a diet of dimsum, cocktails and sushi and am often found exploring new restaurants with my three amazing school friends. I like to think of us as the girls from Sex And the City but in reality we are nowhere as trendy or cool – we all love to be in our jimjams before midnight on ‘school nights’. 

But most importantly, I just love a good deal. Whether it’s my mobile phone or a holiday, I simply cannot stand the thought of having paid more than I need to. Regardless of whether it is a pullover or a pram, I need to know that I have bought my chosen item for the best possible price. 

Flashback to my pregnancy, when I was sitting on my sofa, I began to wonder why no one had simplified the process. All I wanted was TripAdvisor but for Baby products. The more I pondered, the more the idea haunted me! It took me a little while to pluck up the courage to build the site and then a little while longer to get the functionality just right. It was important to me that parents could search on any lifestyle need – e.g. prams for small cars, baby monitors with night lights, breast pumps that are battery operated. It was these small details that Mums and Dads really wanted to know but struggled to find when they were shopping. We also wanted to showcase pricing from all the major retailers – highstreet and online - so all the information was available in a quick, single glance.

It was time to create a platform to help mamas save time and money (and prevent them from going into early labour from the shopping process!) 

NeeNoo launched at the end of summer and we have been overwhelmed by all the kind words of support that we have had from expectant and experienced parents. Our biggest mission is to help parents save time and money on all their key purchases. We know making the right decision is important and hopefully if we can help ease that ever so slightly – well, that deserves a celebration over a maki roll! :) 

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Amisha Mody

Amisha Mody The Founder of NeeNoo.co.uk

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