NEENOO EXPERT REVIEW: Mee-Go Little Organics

NEENOO EXPERT REVIEW: Mee-Go Little Organics
Product Reviews - 30 January 2020

For the team of parents at NeeNoo, Bathtime is one of the most special moments in the day. Twenty minutes prior to the rush of pyjamas, books and bed there is a cosy reunion in the bathroom; the air is full of giggles and bubbles (and if the baby is lucky, a rubber ducky may even make an appearance).

There is something so special about a baby’s extra soft skin and as a parent, you want to try and preserve this feeling for as long as possible. From baby soaps, bubble baths, washes, shampoos and lotions, newborns today have more products than even their own Mamas! But with so much choice available – how do you pick the best one?

Step forward Mee-Go Little Organics Toiletries range. 

You may be familiar with the Mee-Go brand; this trendy, young company originally specialised in prams and travel solutions. They have successfully challenged the giants in the luxury pushchair market through offering high quality products without the designer price tags. Imagine our delight when we discovered they have now replicated this popular formula in the toiletries space too!!

Mee-Go Little Organics kindly sent us some samples to trial and over the past few weeks, we have enjoyed adding this stylish range to our babies’ bath routines.


Mee-Go’s products have been thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of (the choosiest!) parents and babies alike.

The products are all organic, free from nasties such as SLS or parabens and they do not use any artificial colours or fragrances. They are natural formulas that are soft on the skin and shampoos and bubble baths are tear free too to ensure there are only smiles at bathtime! The cute animal designs on thepack, extend to their company values; none of their products are tested on animals and they are all vegetarian and vegan free. Most exciting, they are the first baby toiletries brand to have Halal certification.


There is no smell quite like a freshly bathed baby, but parents tend to vary on how much of a fragrance they are comfortable with. Mee-Go Little Organics have developed a beautiful range of six key products which are essentials for the early years, all priced under £10.

The Shampoo, Bubble Bath, Moisturiser, Hand Wash and Hand Sanitiser all have a gentle but noticeable sophisticated scent but if you are adverse to fragranced products, there is also the scent- free Body Wash which just leaves baby clean and moisturised.

The packaging looks high end but more importantly, has been intelligently designed for parents who often find themselves performing tasks one-handed. The easy-to-use pumps or flip lids make it a cinch for most parents to dispense just the right amount, even if you are holding onto a small, wriggly baby (they are also easy to lock too, in case you have a pump-happy toddler!). You just need a small amount to make oodles of big fluffy bubbles or foam so the products should last for quite a while (the operative word here is should – the lotion smells so divine, you may resort to ‘borrowing’ the bottle for yourself too!).


We’d love to see Mee-Go Little Organics add a massage oil to their range. Many of us tend to start the evening routine with a small baby massage before bathtime and it would be great to know that our little one’s skin is getting that extra care during this key bonding time.


We would definitely recommend giving these products to parents that wanted a brand with high quality credentials at a fair price. Being natural, organic, Halal and vegan-friendly, we feel this range will really resonate with Mums and Dads that are trying to lead a clean and conscientious lifestyle with their family.

You can discover more about Mee-Go Little Organics or even purchase their products here:


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